The Equal Experts network

Founded in 2007 to challenge the traditional consulting model, Equal Experts is now made up of 1,500+ expert consultants delivering custom software and helping with digital transformation for our clients – globally. As strategic partners, we use industry leading strategy, design and delivery techniques to help customers disrupt their markets, create innovative products, accelerate delivery, and build world-class solutions.
Equal Experts has pioneered an innovative business model where all consultants have around 10 years’ experience or more in the industry. At Equal Experts, consultants can still be “makers” and practice their craft instead of moving into management positions, and they can keep learning from people as experienced as them.
Equal Experts operates an associate-based model, with only one third of its workforce permanent, the remainder is made up of long-standing associates (independent senior consultants). Associates are in majority recruited through recommendations from other members of the network and selected based on a set of values shared by all the Equal Experts’ consultants. This model provides Equal Experts the flexibility to build the right shaped team with people who have actively chosen to meet the outcome and address the specific challenges that are unique to each engagement.
You can contact any of our offices around the globe or via [email protected]