The Authors

Neha Datt

Neha loves understanding problems, learning new things and working with good people.
Her background in digital delivery has been varied (strategy, product, design, delivery, coach, trainer) across a range of industries and organisations ranging from startups to enterprises.
It has been her privilege to work with talented colleagues, gracious clients and nurturing mentors. These influences have made her a strong advocate for people-centricity in everything we do, for lean approaches to tackling opportunities having fun on the way.
She’s currently a director at Mercurial Phoenix (a new venture studio and consultancy) and a member of the Equal Experts network. You can tweet to her @oliphantism. She’s always up for a (good = Antipodean) coffee.

Marcel Britsch

Marcel is a Digital Consultant, Product Owner and Business Analyst. He helps deliver good digital products and services. Born in Germany, he lives in London and works wherever his clients are. He has worked with creatively and technically focused agencies and all sorts of clients across a wide variety of industry sectors.
He believes that success is strongly linked to happy teams, solid mental models and structured decision making.
He shares work related thoughts on his blog and podcast
Outside of work he is interested in SciFi and Graphic Novels, Theravada Buddhist meditation and more recently digital ethics.
He is a member of the Equal Experts network and can best be reached via

Dave Hewett

Dave Hewett is a Partner at Equal Experts and Engagement Manager; born in New Zealand he has been living and working in London for 25 years. He started his career in enterprise IT and moved into software consulting, helping create bespoke software for a wide variety of clients across a wide variety of industry sectors including finance, commodities trading, telecoms and retail.
His time at Equal Experts has put him in the privileged position of working with many smart and engaging people. This environment has continually challenged his pre-conceptions and has help him improve his craft.
He can best be contacted at [email protected].
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