Special Thanks

We would like to say a massive “thank you!” to our colleagues and clients: the brilliant hive mind whose wisdom and experiences have made this book possible.
This book is dedicated to you.
We would also like to call out some specific colleagues who have contributed.
Thank you Isabell Britsch for the amazing layout and type-setting and Jon Attaway for your copy-editing skills.
Also: Ali Asad Lotia, Alex Haylock, Andrew Preston, Ashwini Mayakar, Becky Smith, Brian Blignaut, Charlotte Lubbe, Christian Singer, Dan Mitchell, Dana Rodericks, Erica Kucharczyk, Francine Higham, Gary Lamb, Gavin Williams, Jamie Mills, Jonas L. Vasiljevas, Keerthana Jayaram, Lyndsay Prewer, Mairead O’Connor, Matt Stephens, Mark Oliver, Neville Kuyt, Mark Stanley, Palesa Molokeng, Susanne Mayer, Ralf Jeffrey, Richard Holloway, Ryan Bayly, Subhash Gupta, Swathi Poddar, Tarik Johnston, Thomas de Cad’oro Granier, Titi Omo-Adesanya, Todd Anderson, Jochen Trabandt (†2015 RIP).