Closing thoughts

Riding into the sunset and all that…
From personal experience, we know that inceptions are tough. Starting a new endeavour can be scary, draining and emotional. It can equally be a fun, high energy, exhilarating experience.
Either is possible, as inceptions are a nightmare when managed badly, but a massive opportunity for the client – and all participants – when done well.
This playbook is our way of sharing our hard-won experience with the wider community, to make all our work better and more enjoyable. We believe that experienced practitioners intuitively use these (and similar) tools and practises without needing the formal structures we’ve described in this playbook. And many will come up with their own, even better, ways of working.
Regardless, it’s our sincere hope that this book supports you on your own path towards mastery.
We’d love to hear from anyone who has used this book, and find out what you’ve learnt, what worked well for you and what didn’t.
We’d also love to receive contributions from the wider community.