Inception facilitation kit

This kit will save your life! It’s all you’ll need to help capture and visualise all the great work taking place in the room. We’ve literally carried boxes of this gubbins from London to Dubai to Bangalore and back.
You’ll need:
  • An easy-to-transport box or bag to house your kit.
  • Post-it notes – loads of them, in multiple colours.
  • Sharpies for everyone in the room… and then some… they always go walkies...
  • Whiteboard and flipchart markers, plus whiteboard wipes.
  • Flipboard paper and Magic Whiteboard Flipchart Paper.
  • Blu-Tack cellotape, and anything else you might use to stick things on walls.
  • A timer (GREAT for showing how much time is left for discussions).
  • EE icebreaker cards (naturally).
  • If you travel, consider taking a universal power adapter.

Pro tips

You will want more whiteboard space than you think. Magic Whiteboard works a dream for that.
Respect your clients’ premises. Be careful where you stick items: you don’t want to rip wallpaper off.
Use cellotape to stick Post-its to sheets of paper, in case you need to transport them.
Use Sharpies to write on Post-its – biro ink doesn’t show up well when photographed or read at a distance.